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Thinking of learning to fly? We would love to teach you!

We have two types of aircraft to train in- a low wing Piper and a high wing Cessna 152. Both aircraft have newly overhauled engines and . Both are excellent for primary flight training and cross country flights.

We offer on-line scheduling so you can view your aircraft and instructor at your convenience. Or, if you prefer, you can call or email us to book your next flight lesson . We have flexible flight training hours and work hard to accommodate your schedule.

If you're not ready to jump right in with flight instruction, then how about an Introductory Flight Lesson?  we will take you flying and you will actually get to fly the airplane! You can look around and get comfortable with your new environment and decide if this is for you.


Our certified flight instructor’s are dedicated to ensuring the best training for the least possible cost. No matter which school you choose, you must complete the following steps in order to attain your pilot's license.

1. Pass a written test

2. Obtain a medical certificate

3. Pass an oral exam

4. Complete the required flight curriculum

5. Pass a flight test

 Please contact us for further details as this program is tailored to accommodate each student's individual needs and schedule.

To Begin Your Pilot Training let us help you choose the flight instructor best suited to your personality and schedule. Once you have an instructor, you will map out when and how often you will fly. This will help you to estimate the total cost of your training. When you choose your instructor, you will also set goals for when you will take the FAA written exam and your practical test.


Time Required to Obtain Your Pilot Certificate

While only 40 hours of flight time are required for the private pilot certificate, the actual process takes longer due to ground training, aircraft preflight, canceled lessons due to bad weather, your commitment in time and money, etc.